The Guiding District of Barnes is part of Richmond Division in Greater London West (GLW).

Barnes has 1 Rainbow Unit, 2 Brownie Units, 1 Guide Unit and a Rangers Unit

We have our own Guide Hall, in Washington Road, Barnes, SW13 where all the units meet.

We are a very friendly district and the leaders organise many joint events such as Brownie pack holiday, Christmas our Fund Raising events include, Stall at BCA Fair and a Christmas Fair.

Along with these events the district also endeavours to participate in Community activities i.e. Barnes Fair, BCA Jumble Sale amongst others.

Guiding is very popular with girls in the area from 5yrs-18yrs, and all units have waiting lists.  To avoid disappointment we advise that you register your daughter’s name and chosen unit well in advance of her reaching the age group for that section.

To give the opportunity of the guiding experience to more girls we need more adult volunteer’s leaders.  To find out what’s, involved go to:

If you feel that being a leader or assistant leader is not for you, then perhaps a non uniformed unit helper or a Friend of Guiding.

There are many ways for volunteers to support guiding without working with girls and young women or being involved in unit meetings. Volunteers who take on any of these tasks are providing valuable support to the Unit Leadership Team and giving them more time to spend with the girls:

  • shopping
  • keeping accounts
  • preparing materials for activities
  • letter writing
  • making bookings
  • transport
  • equipment maintenance
  • fundraising
  • catering
  • photocopying
  • photography.

Girlguiding: Our Mission
Whoever they are, wherever they’re from girls and young women can do amazing things – we give them the chance:

Through fun, friendship, challenge and adventire we empower girls to find their voice, inspiring them to discover the best in themselves and to make a positive difference in their community.

We want all girls across the UK to have the space and opportunities they need to thrive, grow and give back to their communities

More than 400,000 girls already meet regularly as Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and The Senior Section.  Together they learn skills, grow in confidence, make lifelong friendships, help their communities and have lots of fun.
Guiding is much more than an after school activity or a way for girls to spend an evening. Here’s why we are special:

  • We give girls a space just for them
  • Girls speak, then we listen and act
  • Girls don’t stand still, so neither do we
  • Whoever you are, wherever you’re from – all girls are welcome
  • An inspirirational network of volunteers

Girlguiding is unique
We offer a safe, welcoming girl-only space for girls and young womento try new things, help other people and discover their passions and talents.  All while having fun with a group of ready made friends!
We’re dedicated to girls leading the way – they choose activities, challenges and events that inspire them, and our volunteers support them to make it happen. Because girls shape and lead everything we do, we know that we’re offering the best opportunities and experiences for girls today.
We’re always updating and adapting our programme and resources so that they’re relevant to girls today.
Guiding is also excellent value for money and we have a range of support available to enable all girls – regardless of ability or financial circumstances – to get involved with guiding